Portland Plan Indicators

In 2012, Portland City Council adopted The Portland Plan, a strategic roadmap to help realize the public's vision for a more prosperous, educated, healthy, and equitable city. After more than two years of research—including extensive community engagement with residents, businesses, and nonprofits—a plan emerged with three integrated strategies and a framework for advancing equity.

The Portland Plan sets numerical goals and suggests ways of measuring progress toward them. The plan is based on extensive analysis of quantitative data and information about conditions in Portland's neighborhoods, and it includes both 25-year goals and 5-year action plans. The plan sets goals for the entire city, as well as for certain local geographies.

Greater Portland Pulse is collaborating with the City of Portland to ensure that the Portland Plan's data-based "Measures of Success" are tracked and updated on a regular basis.

The indicators below are specific to the Portland Plan and use data visualization tools to highlight the city's progress toward more equitable, prosperous, and healthy communities—and to reveal the issues that most need addressing.